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Captains Town Hall Meeting

March 21st Philly PD hosted a town hall with the 35th District Captain at the Belfield Rec Center. This months event was also attended by our State Representatives office and several community groups, and well as many members of our 35th district community.

Locals had the opportunity to engage directly with law enforcement representatives. A variety of concerns and suggestions were raised during the forum. The Police Captain addressed some pressing issues, highlighting the prevalence of car break-ins in the city and advising citizens to keep their vehicles empty to deter thieves. Additionally, he warned seniors about scam calls impersonating utility companies. (If a utility or bank calls you asking for payment, hang up, and call the company directly to confirm, it's likely a scam).

Importantly, the Captain emphasized the role of community members in crime prevention, urging them to report any suspicious activity, no matter how small, as it can greatly assist in solving crimes. He reassured those concerned about retaliation that they could report via phone or by leaving an anonymous tip.

Addressing unsolved shootings in the district, the Police Captain outlined the procedures followed by the Philadelphia Police Department after shootings. Despite concerns about speaking out due to fear of retaliation, he stressed the importance of community cooperation in providing information to law enforcement.

A key focus of the forum was fostering a welcoming environment within the community and enhancing communication between the police and residents. Efforts to provide resources and promote community engagement were discussed, with a call for improved communication about police initiatives and activities.

The forum also touched upon the Uniform Violation Firearms Act, with mention of individuals in the district who had violated the law.

Overall, the event served as a platform for constructive dialogue between the community and law enforcement, addressing concerns, sharing information, and emphasizing the collaborative effort needed to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents. We urge locals to attend to continue to foster a relationship with Philly PD and help be a part of the solution to safety in our city.


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