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Our Facilities

The Belfield Rec Center has:

  • A conference room

  • An indoor basketball court/gymnasium

  • Two classrooms

  • Multipurpose room

  • A kitchen

  • And more!

Our outdoor space includes:

  • A community garden

  • Playground

  • Outdoor basketball court

  • Football field

  • Baseball field

Members of the community are welcome to visit, volunteer, or participate in  programs/events at our rec center.


If you would like to book space at the BRC for your organization or event please reach out to the Facility Supervisor, Donnell Martin at

Belfield Recreation Center Advisory Council

The mission of the Belfield Recreation Center Advisory Council is to provide support, guidance, and advocacy to enhance the quality of programs and services offered by the Belfield Recreation Center. We aim to promote community engagement and participation in recreational activities and to ensure the center meets the needs and interests of the local community. Our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy recreational and social opportunities, and to contribute to the overall well-being and health of our community. Through collaboration with the center staff, community partners, and local organizations, we strive to make the Belfield Recreation Center a vibrant hub of activity, learning, and connection for residents in the surrounding area.

Charity Volunteers
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How does the Advisory Council support the Belfield Rec Center?

This website is run by the Belfield Recreation Center Advisory Council.


See the diagram to the left to understand how Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, our community and the Advisory Council, work in partnership with the same common goal.

Want to join us?

We would love to have you. The Advisory Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Belfield and the meeting is open to the public. We have a ton of events and ongoing activities that can use your help as well. To get involved in upcoming events or programs please visit our "How to Help" page! 

Charity Volunteers
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